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Motorbike license and MS

Just wondered if anyone could help me. Just been diagnosed with relapsing and remitting and will shortly be starting DMD's. Before my diagnosis I have always been keen to learn to ride a motorbike and have recently signed up to do my CBT with the intentions of continuing to pass my bike test and (when I have the money) to buy a bike. I guess this is just my way of sticking two fingers up my diagnosis and trying to live my life to the fullest and doing things that I want to do. However, I know I need to inform the DVLA of my diagnosis as I have a car license but will this also affect the ability to learn to ride a motorbike? I am currently (and luckily) symptom-less so I'm hoping this shouldn't affect things too much. I'm just worried they will say to me I am not allowed to do it, does anyone here have any idea?? Thanks!

Hiya - when I told the DVLA about my MS, I had to fill out forms and wait (for ages! But luckily you can carry on driving while they are processing the request) before they decided I could keep my licence but it will be assessed again in three years time. It hasn't affected my insurance or anything like that. I don't know if it will affect you learning to ride a motorcycle though. Sorry - not much help am I?! Good luck. Sian :)


I have both a car and full motorcycle licence, told the dvla about my MS about 3 years ago, have been taking copaxone for 3 years now; I have kept both motorcycle and car entitlement, i'm sure you will be fine.