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MS and pregnancy

Hi everyone, I'm new here and happy to be a part of the community. @ 33 weeks pregnant, with relapsing remitting MS, wondering if anyone here has anything to share about labour, post partum and MS. I've been told by my nuerologist that an elective cesarean isn't necessary unless otherwise advised by my gyno. So far my pregnancy has been low risk and he has recommended a natural birth. Wanted to ask my peers if any of you have had first hand experience on dealing with MS and pregnancy, and if yes what was your labour and postpartum experience like?

I got diagnosed 2 years after my last child with RRMS. The pregnancy and deliveries were always fine, no complications. I had all vaginal deliveries. Looking back, I can see that I had a flair about 6 months after the delivery. Nothing too bad. I just know now what caused it.


I just had my first baby in July- I’ve had RRMS for 7 years and am currently on Tysabri. My pregnancy went very smoothly and didn’t affect delivery at all. I will say that you should take any and all help that’s offered in the weeks postpartum- the hormones and stress and exhaustion is like nothing I’ve ever experienced!