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To be DMT, or not to be DMT? That is the question.

I’m in a real quandary at the moment, one I’m sure most you can relate to. I have purposefully put off making a DMT choice between Ocrevus and Kesimpta for a few months whilst exercising due diligence and researching into both, and have now definitely ruled out biannual infusions. I have read many of your postings regarding Kesimpta, but still cannot decide whether to proceed for a multitude of reasons, and also none of the clinical trials included MSers above the age of 50+. I am DMT-naive (have had no DMT before), been in good health prior to diagnosis and have no co-morbidities, however, my latest MRI indicates active inflammation. The MS nurse responsible for coordinating delivery, administering and monitoring Kesimpta is scheduled to ring tomorrow to ascertain my final decision (I’ve already put her off once). Should I decide not to proceed, things will reset and referred back to my neurologist, who may deem me as being too old for this DMT if I defer for too long. Up until now, I’ve been managing symptoms using natural herbal remedies. I really welcome your advice.

I'm a 50+ Kesimpta user and bow to your greater knowledge. I hadn’t seen that research. Tbh though I haven’t had time to do much more than trust in my specialist and MS team. It’s served me well so far and Kesimpta has been easy and symptom free. But it won’t ease your other symptoms anyway and you’ll still have to manage them with other drugs and remedies. But what you are committing to is a chance to delay further decline. My last major relapse was serious and life changing. It’s important to me to do all I can not to risk another. So I don’t know about the long term impact of Kesimpta. But people much wiser than me advised me to take it. I don’t know if it’s doing its job (annual mri is coming up) but it’s been pretty painless to take it monthly. It’s very much your own choice but I’d still bow to the experts rather than try to be one myself. Good luck!


Hi @MattSussex . Really encouraging to hear it’s working well for you. I wished I’d put this out sooner. Symptoms aside, have you noticed any improvements in your overall wellbeing, and at what age was it offered to you?