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Yes MS makes our lives a living hell but since we must all contend with it we should all look at making, ourselves at least, at least a little happier. Drink what you like, as long as it does not conflict with your condition or meds. Listen to the music you like. Watch the movies/shows you like. And, for my fellow gamers, blast those NPCs/Mobs/Etc... to the bowels of, well, hell and back. Also listen to some Monty Python and just veg at times. Nothing like some Bright Side of Life to embody it all for us.

I couldn't agree more! I got rid of some books that were cluttering up my shelves just because I liked others written by the same authors. If I'm never going to read them again, then why am I keeping them? And if I want to watch MASH every day of the week, why I should feel obligated to watch history documentaries instead? If I want ice cream for breakfast and scrambled eggs for supper, so be it. Advancing MS has taught me to narrow life down to the things that I enjoy and that aren't hurting anyone. Life is too short to be bored.