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New here my story 👋

Hi I'm new here 👋 I got a DX of RR MS after the birth of my first child in 2009. I was in a bad way couldn't walk talk or do anything not even hold my baby 😪 I was in constant relapse as soon as 1 symptom cleared another started 🙄 . Life was extremely difficult. I was eventually put on Campath ( the trail name for lemtrada I believe) in around 2012. Not really suffered major relapses since and since campath haven't had anyother DMDs and for that I feel extremely blessed. I still suffer with extreme fatigue 😴 and cant be out and about for long without needing to rest . I'm now a mum of 4 🤯 the youngest is 5 weeks old. (I know I must be nuts!! But I honestly think that's what's kept me going) Looking to find ppl to chat to as I don't get to go out to meet ppl and have no friends 😒. I keep telling my MS to do one! I have MS it most certainly does not have me!! Take care you beautiful people . Hopefully speak to some of you soon 🤞 xx

Hey, you can message me anytime if you want someone to talk to. Have you been offered any medication for the fatigue?


Hi there, my name is Doug, send me a message anytime you like. I'm always willing to talk.