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Is scalp pain an MS symptom?

Hi All, Does anyone else ever feel like their hair is hurting their head? I recently started having more typical symptoms (diplopia from inflammation of optic muscles, body sensation changes and weakness) and was diagnosed this fall. Since November, I’ve been keeping detailed notes about my diet and symptoms and noticed that this one comes and goes; some days I want to shave my head because my scalp is in so much pain and other days it’s totally fine and I forget about it. I’m still waiting to get enrolled in a DMT so it’s not a side-effect of any treatment. Hugs from Canada y’all. <3

Hi, I’m currently experiencing this scalp pain myself and all I can do at this point is cry. I’m newly diagnosed and learning all of the symptoms and sensations and this is one I did not expect along with ear pain. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of hair shedding on the same side of my scalp where the pain is. And at one point it itch something terribly just days before this pain started and this is day 2 dealing with this pain. I have a hair appointment coming shortly and I really need it done but I’m terrified to have my head touched by someone else. Or what it would feel like having heated water spaying on my scalp. Just me combing it is awful. I start my DMT treatment later this week I hope it takes this symptom away and for it to never return. You are not the only one😢


Scalp pain and very focused headache was the start of symptoms that lead to my diagnosis over 4 years ago, an MRI showed lesions on my brain stem, the inflammation was causing a nerve to be squeezed...hence the head pain. Oral steroids really really reduced the pain but other subsequent symptoms of the relapse weren't really helped. Four years on, I've been taking Ocrevus, my MRIs are coming back with no change and I have no symptoms. The head pain was terrible and I really hope it resolves for you, best wishes