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Painful Legs

Hi need some advise. Mum has MS and lives with my brother. Over the past year she has lost a lot of mobility in her legs. Now should we push her to get up and use them as we have been told “use it or lose it”. She complains of pains in the legs and they are especially painful the next day if we do push her to use them. If we do push her to use them and strengthen the muscles back up will the legs be less painful? Or do we just let the legs deteriorate even further for fear of causing her unnecessary pain. She does have physio booked in but thats in December. We don’t want to keep on at her to get moving but also are really worried she will lose all mobility and be bed bound. She 75 yrs old . 🥴 Also if anyone could advise how much fluid she needs a day to keep hydrated . She hates water but reluctantly drinks a small amount. Would it be ok to drink tea or milk as part of your re-hydration ?
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