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About to be diagnosed?

I was diagnosed with TM (transverse myelitis, MS’s rarer cousin) in 2020, have had a couple of flare ups since then and am currently experiencing what I think is a relapse because I’ve a bunch of new symptoms. Until recently my only persistent symptom was tingling in my left leg, following extreme stress I now have it in my right leg too, right hand, I feel like there’s something stuck in my throat, I feel wobbly today as though I’ve had a drink 🥴, Lhermitte’s has always been a thing for me and it’s CONSTANT at the minute, my head feels foggy, there’s pressure around my back and abdomen that comes and goes, my lower belly feels hot and speaking of hot, temperature changes are no joke right now! The list of symptoms feels endless and I feel crazy trying to describe this to people around me, I’ve an emergency MRI on Friday to look for new inflammation, I’m 100% sure it’s gonna change my diagnosis to MS I can feel it in my gut ❤️‍🩹

Hope all goes well with the MRI and they find a solution to help you and make things stable 🙏


Our stories are quite similar! Tm when 9 years ago and they told me if I keep having issues it could develop to ms. I only had tm down my left side but now like you fatigue, moving my legs in my sleep I’m not aware of, back stiff when I wake up, lower back and limbs sore when I do repetitive movements, migraines, “ms hug” esp when stressed or warm, clearing my throat after I eat the list is endless! I had my mri 6 weeks ago so I too have it in my gut it’s now ms! Hope you get your answers soon keep us posted X