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Question about treatment Tysabri

My wife was just diagnosed with MS, symptoms started showing over a month ago. First a slur developing into a loss of words and brain fog, plus loss of left arm and leg usage. The neurologist wants to put her on Tysabri, what can anyone tell me about it? Thank you in advance

Hi Thomas , I have been getting Tysabri for just over two years now. I was told at the time that it had about a 60% success rate in slowing progression of ms and thankfully, for me, it has worked very well. For the first two years, I received it every four weeks by infusion. This process took about an hour and a half but mainly because the nurses weren’t only looking after me. I have moved to getting it via injection, an option that was not available to me in the beginning. I get one injection either side of my stomach. This is not painful and was tender for only a day or two. Everyone told me there would be no side effects and certainly there were other people getting it at the same time as me who told me the same. But for me, it does generally wipe me out a bit for two or three days afterwards. Small price to pay for the success I guess. It’s not without its risks - your wife will be screened for the jcv virus which sounds scary - it was only after I tested positive that I was told that it was more common to test positive than test negative. It means that after two years it gets more risky to continue but I am comfortable that my specialist is vigilant in looking for any complications by way of MRIs every three months. It has been a great success for me so far and I hope it continues to do its job. I hope your wife experiences similar success with it - if there is anything else you would like to ask, please don’t hesitate to get in touch 😊


@Will1974 thank you for the information, she should be hopefully getting her first infusion this next week. We're hoping for the best.