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I'm a 44 yr old who has had MS since I was 16, Diagnosed in 08' was rrms till 2010 when the solumedral stop working to settle relapses down. I now have ppms. Yay!!! Not. I get around pretty well. Drop foot high fatigue in left leg and left hand. This is ok. I have faith there will be a reversal medication by the time I can't drive any more. Ocrevus is really helping with flare ups but I still am getting a lil bit worse a time goes by. But just a lil. I have 3 kids that keep me going. My life lines, daughter is my ride or die then my 2 boys are my buddies right there. I'm extremely close with all of them. I have a wonderful support system that I couldn't ask for better. If any questions just ask

I am also 44 years old I was diagnosed at 19, but my first symptoms when I was 16 and like you, I now have SPMS. I just got hand controls for my car which gives me some independence. I now live on my own because my partner passed away. My cats keep me going shame they can’t help out around house 😂