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Happy for the first time in years

I've been feeling depressed more or less since 2018 sometime. Since 2021 I've been pretty much constantly depressed, trouble with a lot of things and in February 2022 I was diagnosed with MS after an attack. The constant depression together with what I now know is fatigue, brainfog have been heavy to walk around with, acting like nothing is wrong as well as constant "tightness" in my chest and stomach, left side. 4 weeks ago I had enough. Another weekend with little to no sleep, overworked and no motivation topped with stronger spasm/tightness than usual, I just snapped. I walked out of the office and to my doctors office. He put me on sick leave for almost 4 weeks and told me to try antidepressants. This has literally changed my life. After (now) 4 weeks of rest and getting used to taking SSRIs, I am for the first time in years just... "Relaxed". I don't care anymore. It feels awesome! I don't get super angry over small things, I don't have unnecessary anxiety over things and I'm literally a changed person. I've been honest with people and friends I meet and told them about my depression and how it might be related to MS, and every single one has told me they are impressed and proud over me to handle it as I've done, being honest and open about it. I even had results back from my last MRI that I had two new lesions in my brain, one of quite size and a small one... but not even this has brought me down! I feel fantastic and finally like I'm "free", despite everything. I just needed to get this off of my chest and hope it might bring something to someone else.

Pleased for you dude 🙂 this all sounds very positive. Keep doing what you are doing and thank you for sharing. A lot of us have been in similar situations, its good to hear that we can overcome. Stay strong


It's always great to hear good news. Delighted for you.