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DMD’s for new diagnosis & mental health

Hello, I am newly diagnosed with MS & would like some perspective on treatments & mental health resources. Some background: I’ve been incredibly fortunate that from contacting my GP about symptoms and being admitted to hospital for tests (incl MRI & lumbar) then discharged from hospital with steroids was super fast (a week). The symptoms I have had are optic neuritis in the left eye (improving) & numbness in the entire lower half of my body (improved vastly in last few days - now just in my feet). 2/3 months prior I had blurred vision which I had put down to eye strain but I’m told was a previous attack. And about a year ago I had numbness in my right arm for a couple of days which I put down to my panic attacks, but there is an old lesion on my spine where they would expect numbness like that to show. I have multiple lesions in different layers of the brain & a couple on my spine so it seems I’ve had it for a while. Because of these events, my consultant is proposing to put me on either of the following: Lemtrada, Ocrevus, Tysabri or Gilenya. Does anyone have experience with any of these? I feel like it’s pretty intense since I’m newly diagnosed & I’ve read some people don’t start treatment for years! I am incredibly grateful that I was diagnosed so quickly but it was super unexpected and has thrown me. Does anyone have any good resources to help with the mental health side of things?