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Ocrevus Without Steroids

Has anyone taken Ocrevus without steroids? I had mental health and cardiac issues and can't take steroids anymore. In addition, I developed three types of cataracts in one year from relapse IV steroids and need surgery. I am going to take pepcid, benedry and tylenol the day before and then benedryl and tylenol during infusion day. I am 51 so age is also issue with steroids.

I am 58 and have cataracts developing in both eyes. I am wondering about not taking steroids pre ocreluzimub. I hope your alternatives work for you. All the best to you.


@Murray Hi! I am the OP and I wanted to update you. I have been taking Ocrevus without steroids for over a year (three infusions) and it has been very easy. I take claritan every night a week before and a week after the infusion. I also take tylenol the night before and four a few days after as well. I still receive benedry tablets and tylenol before infusion and they run it very slow .