PETAL PUSHER - the movie!

For the rock n roll fans out there... Petal Pusher: A Rock n Roll Cinderella Story – The Movie! OR: how to have MS and still live a rock n roll life! Rumored, threatened, finally ready and in pre-production! Gigantic Pictures announces that Edward Bates is attached to direct the film adaptation of PETAL PUSHER: A ROCK AND ROLL CINDERELLA STORY. Adapted by Rochelle Bates, PETAL PUSHER ia a romantic dramedy based on the acclaimed book by Laurie Lindeen and the true story of her all-girl band, Zuzu’s Petals as they found rock-god love and musical success in the man’s world of rock n’ roll. And along the way, the real Laurie just happened to find her own Prince Charming, Paul Westerberg of the Replacements. While Pamela De Barres was content to mop up Jimmy Page’s and Jim Morrison’s rock star sweat in I’M WITH THE BAND, Ms. Lindeen and the other Petals WERE are band. And they were making it: touring, recording their own album, partying hard and living their dream. But unbeknownst to her friends, Laurie has a secret -- a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis that fuels her passion to make it big, no matter what the sacrifice, even if it means giving up her soul mate, the rock star boyfriend that every girl dreams of. With elements of 50/50 and GIRLS, by turns hilarious and heartrending, PETAL PUSHER – THE MOVIE is a brilliant behind-the-scenes look at music on the front lines, and the awe-inspiring tale of one tough young woman with a soft heart as she struggles against a life-threatening disease and fights for true love, capturing the essence of her world of rock n roll. Logline: A film inspired by the true story of musician Laurie Lindeen, adapted by Rochelle Bates to be directed by Edward Bates. PETAL PUSHER: A ROCK N ROLL CINDERELLA STORY is a romantic comedy about the 21 year-old leader of a rising all girl band who contracts a life-threatening illness, and her heroic struggle to return to her band and the love of her life – the perfect rock star boyfriend.