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Fatigue and Depression intersecting

These days have been up and down a lot. The weather has far more influence on me than it used to (it's hopefully about to stop raining). I am currently on anti-depressants for depression and anxiety since January. I often feel fatigue, but exercise regularly to try to combat this. I have not been on any MS meds for 3 years or so, and don't think I need to be. I have taken steps to find support for these issues and I'm waiting to hear about a monitored self help course. I feel positive most of the time, but often have the familiar drained and washed out feeling. Just wanted to write this down ...!

Hi @Robmonk, I think the two definitely play into each other. I'm curious, did you find antidepressants contracted/constricted your emotional bandwidth?


@NeedMoreSleep I have found that antidepressants have helped in toning down my anxiety and the emotional build up is not as interne as it was... I am still up and down, just not quite as much.