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Anxiety and MS

Hi - I've recently found this resource - and what a great platform it is! I just wanted to put a bit about my recent experiences with anxiety and depression. How and if it related to MS I'm not quite sure... Anyway, I recently took a freelance job on-site at an advertising agency. It didn't last very long; I left after only five days feeling mentally overcome with negativity. I couldn't concentrate or do the work very well and found the whole project overwhelming. I have bills to pay of course, and currently I feel like I've let down everyone and myself. This coupled with a distinct low-motivation is causing a lot of worry. I recently completed a freelance writing project on-site so I have proved to myself that I am capable of working in an office. Maybe it was the nature of this particular place, I'm not sure. In any case, the guilt about being a bit of a loser is difficult to let go of (though I know I have to do, and move on!) Since my diagnosis in late 2012, I've mostly worked as a writer freelancing from home/remotely. I have had problems with depression and anxiety in the past but never has stress built up quite as rapidly as this. I'm not currently on any medication (I'm awaiting approval for a course of Tecfidera, the DMD I was on last year in Germany, before returning to the UK). Ok, vent over. Just wondering if anyone had any job advice and how to stay calm in the face of adversity... Many thanks, Rob