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Symptoms and Anxiety

I was diagnosed with MS last year. At the beginning of July, I got really overheated one night (super hot night, no air conditioning) and ever since then, all the muscles in my body have been feeling really really tense, and is accompanied by a lot of psychological anxiety (like obsessively worrying about the most ridiculous things). It comes and goes like waves, and is always accompanied by a massive feeling of panic. I'm already on the max dose of a spinal muscle relaxant, and it's not doing anything. Has anyone else felt like this? How did you manage it? Because the psychological part is really messing with my quality of life. Thanks :)

Yes! I had panic attacks for 1 year after the diagnosis (I still have but not that frequently). What helped me was therapy, meditation and I have my own tricks like walking, listen to my favourite music, play with the cat… Breath, move and listen to your body: you will find out what can ease your tension, just give yourself time


I too had this terrible panic and anxiety right before I was diagnosed. I feel for you - it is awful. I did go in an SSRI eventually and it worked for me. I tried relaxation, meditation even hypnosis. Nothing worked. I hate to be on a “med” but it works.