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MS cause my divorce or did he really just fall out of love?!

My (now) ex-husband and I met in 1993 (pre-dx) and got married in 1995. Daughter was born in 98 & I was dx’d in ‘01. I went on disability in ‘05. I was a “productive” member of the family & going on SSDI was a blow to my self-esteem. My symptoms are mainly cognitive and less physical. That being said; there are days/weeks that are high fatigue and I would cancel plans or want to leave early if I did go out. He stopped asking me to go places with him. I was ok with that, as I didn’t have to feel like I was a disappointment! This past September, I asked him if he was cheating on me and he said “not currently”. He said we were more like roommates than anything else & he was tired of feeling like an ATM. He moved out 6 days before our 27th anniversary. The divorce was finalized on Nov 16th, 2022. I’m just wondering if he got tired of all my health issues or if he really did fall out of love with me “years ago”?!

You are not alone with divorce I just see that is what we have with MS


Sadly with MS it can bring out the 'real' that is within us and those around us. I feel for you.