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I am looking forward to starting scouts after summer holiday break. I have really missed the children. Although I am sometimes no so good they cheer me up. This year I am not so involved as I can no longer run after them and play loud, noisy and physical games I will be doing more logistics. Reading weekly plans of the age groups checking we have all the materials and equipment also checking the health and safety requirements of each activity. I also writing a scouting activity book for our group (in spanish) as I fear one day I will no longer be able to be an encyclopedia of scouting and wish to pass on my knowledge of chaos and mischief. I have seen most of the scouts during the summer either on the beach (in front of my house) I am sure they go there so as be able to use my bathroom also they know I have unlimited snacks for them and icecream. Orcome round in groups to play cards in the dining room when it is too hot and want to sit with the aircon on. I am looking forward to seeing them all, I refuse to give up on camping. I have a like an army cot so it is easier to get up, a foldable table to put my stuff on, my own tent so I go glamping. But I enjoy it.

You sound awesome! 👌


Sounds fantastic and an epic adventure. Never let anything get in the way of what you love. We just adapt to stay involved. I'm sure the kids will love having you there as much as you love being their for them. As a kid scouts was an amazing experience for me and as a result I never stopped camping and still do although in the luxury of a VW camper now. Upgraded after nearly 40 years of camping in tents. Have a great time.