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Fizzy pop

I have bought a bottle of fizzy orange pop, locally made mallorquin in a glass bottle (return the bottles to the shop and get 30 cents off the next bottle) with a plastic top. I can't get the top off, every time I open the fridge there it is laughing at me. Even my opener thingy won't make the top budge. So tomorrow I will have to out to the shop, they sell only local products, really yummy cakes, I will ask the man to loosen the top but probably end up buying a cake too. Kids are away this weekend, daughter at some art exhibition and son at rangers scout camp. So it is just me. Does anyone else get frustrated by weakness in hands or have something they really want to eat or drink but can't get the top off?

All the time @Rebeccaann for me it's mainly the plastic bottles of fruit juice that I battle with! My secret tool is a jar opener, works every single time. Similar to the one in the link below: https://www.leifheit.co.uk/leifheit-proline-stainless-steel-universal-bottle-jar-lid-opener-1412-p.asp


@MarieDate didn't work with this one, but I went into shop this morning and he opened it for me.