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Hi all, received my diagnosis on Friday and referral onto the MS Clinic for assessment, hopefully DMD and tracking/management. My case is a little different as in I had private medical insurance through work. I have had symptoms over 20 years, far more noticeable over three years, and pronounced over the last six months. I have MRI's over this period, all have lesions and they have grown more persistent and pronounced, as have the symptoms. Tested positive for O Bands in my latest lumbar puncture. Nerves tests show left sided weakness and conduction. All mimics have been tested for and ruled out, it's MS. In retrospect, two hospitalisations were clearly large/severe relapses one aged 21 one aged 35, I am now 38. Both were sensory and motor related and passed as Viral Meningitis and Idiopathic Inter-cranial Hypertension. Neither involved MRI scans, therefore it's talking this over with the Neuro has made this clear. Feeling positive that I now know what's happening and hope that after fighting to get this far, the clinic don't let me down and that I can make good timely progress..... I hope. I have done lots of credible research in this whilst going through the diagnostic process over the last six months, I know MS is very unpredictable but I like to have a starting plan and work through it as I can, it pays to be invested and positive, so here we go. Anyway Hi! Here's to figuring out how to drive this site eeek.

Hi QoS. Welcome to the gang. It's a very special community to be part of. It's an adjustment but you'll soon see that you can live a very normal life. MS can be properly managed with medication and the correct <a title="MS diet" href="http://www.msdietforwomen.com">MS diet</a>. I would highly suggest changing your diet and getting rid of all gluten, dairy, sugar and red meat. Your body needs live nutrients to heal itself. It also needs anti-inflammatory foods to calm down the the inflammation your nerves are experiencing. You cannot eat junk when you have MS. Eating healthily makes you feel so much better anyway and you can cope so much better with life. Chat to you soon! Kim


Hi, QoS. , I'm glad you found us, although I'm not glad that you had a reason to find us. It sounds like you've had a right run-around over the last 20 years. Having Private Medical Insurance is normally a great benefit for expediting a diagnosis and starting treatment. But, in your case, I really think that your Employers should look and see if they're getting value for money. :???: You've done the right thing in your credible research. There are too many horror stories out there and too many extolling "snake-oil" cures. You're right about MS being unpredictable, but you should be able live your life, whilst managing your MS, so you can both live in harmony. So, welcome.