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Hi all, First time posting on here. I was diagnosed in May with RRMS. Optic neuritis with uhthoffs is the main issue at the moment as well as some sensory things. I have quite a stressful job and am finding that my vision gets worse with stress. I have also been told that I should be avoiding stress as this will likely make things more difficult and I’m concerned will increase progression. I really just wanted to see what anyone thought and how stress has impacted or not? Thanks in advance Paul

Stress is renowned for triggering relapses or progression. Learn to manage it, quieten it or perhaps speak to your boss about maybe moving into a less stressful role? Trust me, the stress from work will never justify progression in MS.


Hi Paul i was a lifeboatman and mechanic as you can imagine very stressful i was RRMS With ON awoke blind in left eye in 2013 . I handed in in my notice approx 2002 i found stress made me feel sick the 1st symptom i had early 2000 avoid it if you can as its bad for us all ms or not bud