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Local support groups

Hello I was diagnosed earlier this year and for a while I hit the ground running - threw myself into my family, studies, work etc! Pushing it all to the back of my head! But these last few days the diagnosis and its enormity has been playing on my mind. think I’m experiencing some new symptoms and have discussed with my ms team but I guess it’s made me reflect more. Does anyone know of any support groups in the south west (uk). Plymouth predominantly please. I know no one with ms and i sometimes feel friends and family his don’t quite understand my feelings Thanks

Hi @nd24 - just to say, it’s ok not to be ok, and I’m glad you’ve given some room for your feelings. I had a similar experience of just soldiering through for the first 7months and now really feeling the burn. Not based in the UK but all the best for the process and just know that you’re not alone! <3