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Newly diagnosed severe RRMS

Hey guys. I have recently been diagnosed with MS And have had a really bad 1st relapse. I came to hospital on the 2nd of December with Vertigo and a bad headache since then I've lost the ability to walk and the use of all of my limbs. To cut a long story short I was moved to a neuro hospital in January I couldn't breathe very well Or swallow so I went to intensive care. My memory from this time is hazy But I received plasma exchange which gave me the ability to move my left hand a little. I was moved to an acute neurology ward where they diagnosed me with severe relapsing remitting MS. I had ocrovis and can move both my arms and left ankle. Though arms are shakey and my hands feel like I've got pins and needles all the time. I've been in rehab for a week now and can bend my left knee. Move my right & left ankle, though my right tires quickly. Physio are working on my "trunk " to improve my sit strength . Has anyone experienced something similar? How was recovery? What did you get back? I like talking to people that understand, I want to walk again and have bowel and bladder control back. Would Love to hear your rehab stories. Thanks a lot, struggling new MSer, Stacey x

Not as severe, but very big first and only attack knock on wood, and I can now walk, drive a little, occasionally groom a small dog with help... that was my full time home business... I can do some chores, do stairs either slowly, or with a bannister... it's been slow. I'm in month three post steriods And had my last half of the ocrevus 1st dose on 2/18. I guess it takes 12 weeks to fully work, but my neuro said it could take two years to see big improvement...be patient...it's awful, but I'm walking now without a cane, so things can look up. If all else fails, let's go to Mexico for HSCT.


Thank you for your reply. Sounds like you're doing very well and are a strong person 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I just can't wait to get home, it's felt so long xx