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Ponvory 👍

I took plegridy for about 3 years, and the flu-like symptoms never abated. I switched to Tecfidera, which gave me headaches like migraine headaches for a couple of hours after each dose. I only lasted 6 weeks. Now I've switched to Ponvory which, so far, after 2 months is golden. I can't detect any bad side effects, so I can get on with an exercise schedule for the first time in years, without having to plan around my drugs. Who knows whether it's working? - I haven't had a relapse for a while anyway, but Ponvory at least doesn't have have side effects for me and enables me to get on with living more.

That’s great news, thanks for sharing. I’m just about to start this drug so hopefully the side effects are minimal for me too. Are you still feeling OK this far? x


@marymoo yes it's still all good 4 months in! I was worried about whether my blood pressure would go up as that's been a side effect issue for me, but no🤞.