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Side effects of DMDs

Hello everyone I joined this group about 10 days ago after being diagnosed with rrms. It’s taken 20 years from possible ms/cis with very few relapses that have always been put down to other things ie migraine or shingles. Last year I developed nystagmus and from there, following a third mri was given the diagnosis. I am now left with a decision I did not expect to have to make myself but I am told I need to decide which DMDs I would like to take, avoiding the most effective ones as I don’t have many relapses at the moment. By the way I’m 48 :). Could you please let me know what side effects you suffer from the different treatments as this will factor greatly in my decision. I have found lots of information and inspiration from this group. Thank you everyone, in advance 🙂 oh I am almost symptom free at the moment other than a slightly weaker right leg and fatigue

@moomin71 Have a read of this link. It has a detailed description of the treatment's that you maybe offered and the side effects that could occur from each DMT. Hope it helps. https://www.mstrust.org.uk/about-ms/ms-treatments/ms-decisions-aid


Hi I'm Lisa I was diagnosed at age 52 now 62 I'm still walking not skipping or running but walking side effects of the medication I'm on is "Copaxone " 20mg it's a daily injection the only side effects for me is after injection theres a red swollen puffy mark but I rub it out with either alcohol wipes or Tea tree oil it cools the red mark down.... go on google ask what side effects your doing the Copaxone for me is fine okay..... best to you Google is our friend 👍👀⚘