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Dating with MS

I last had a real relationship 6yrs ago 4yrs after being diagnosed I know I changed emotionally physically spiritually. At being og my diagnosis I could walk no cane needed I think I mke my way to wheelchair. This has destroyed my conscience make wonder who would want to date 34yr old who has this monster MS cnt work coz I've medically boarded.. any1 with advice

Not advice - but solidarity - I was unwell with 'long covid' for 2 years before neurological investigation and lived with a partner who thought it was funny to push me over, race me down a hill in a wheelchair, jump out at me when I was having chest pains and an irregular ecg. He didn't know how to deal with illness, and because of this I have started to believe that people don't. I need to challenge this thought on a regular basis and need to find evidence of this. How are you managing?


@Michelle_Dangirwa Hey my longest relationship was 10 years but I spent most of it being abused Violently, mentally, emotionally etc. I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD and Functional Neurological Disorders with Non Epileptic Attacks and then last Feb I got Diagnosed with MS. I have difficulty getting and staying in relationships due to my conditions and plus my own mental health, but i end up getting abused over again so a bit like trauma bonding. There is nothing wrong with you, everyone deserves to have someone in their life no matter the age or condition they are in! :-) I had a job in Tesco in Nottingham but they let me go because they couldn't handle my conditions. Do not give up, there is someone out there for everyone :-) be yourself and take your time :-)