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Tecfidera switch

Hello all, I was recently advised by my neurologist to switch from Copaxone to Tecfidera due to MRI activity. I have not been feeling positive at all towards this specific medication because of all the potential side effects, as well as the link to it to food consumption. I don’t want to always have to think about when or what to eat in order to minimise the side effects. This is stressful to me. I haven’t started it yet and have to soon, but for the past weeks I have also been feeling horrible physically with headaches, nausea, and fatigue, which doesn’t help, as I am scared that my body is not at top condition at the moment and will not react very well to this new drug. I consulted a second neurologist on the treatment choice and they agreed with my neurologist that Tecfidera is the way to go, so it really looks like I have no other choice than just taking it. I really wanted to switch to Cladribine or even Ocrevus, but my doctor is just not eager at all, as she says she doesn’t have any experience with Cladribine and that both drugs are ‘too heavy’ for my case (even though I am entitled to both based on the treatment algorithm of my country). She just refuses to treat me with those. I just feel very frustrated as I don’t understand why I am being offered a DMT of lower efficacy with a lot of side effects instead of a highly effective DMT with less side effects. I feel that as patients we should have the option to choose what type of treatment we would go through. I guess it also has to do with how much I trust my doctor, which is not much in general as the communication between us is not great, while the hospital she works at has made mistakes on my case on 3 different occasions, which she didn’t seem too concerned about. I know there is no clear question in my post. It’s just me being frustrated, scared, and sad, because I just don’t feel comfortable with the DMT I am currently being offered. I hope from the bottom of my heart that i am proven wrong and everything goes well with this DMT. I just want to do the best for my health and future. I will try to see this in the most optimistic way I can and hope for the best. Thank you for reading this.

I've been on techfidera, it wasnt the best option for me as my stomach paid for it. I ended up losing 40lbs mind you I wasnt and am not now overweight. Being on this medication made my stomach have terrible pain and my appetite was gone as a result. I'm hopeful that its different for you. I would never want anyone to go through what I did.


Hi @miapi, well, by contrast, I've had a really easy time of Tec for over three years. No new lesions, and no side effects! Also, it's not much less efficacious than Ocrevus. Also, not all DMDs are suitable for everyone. My sister has had Ocrevus and has actually gone downhill ever since - the truth is, you can ever know. We You have to be guided by your wish, and to have somebody explain the science in relation to your own case. I hate to say it, but there may be some costing implications too; some Health Authorities might be under real pressure to choose more reasonably costing DMDs. I totally get your frustration. It's your body, and your MS. I guess on the upside, at least we have this range at our fingertips, one thing at least that has changed over recent decades. I hope you get a good resolution soon....