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How many of you don’t take meds?

I’ve been taking Avonex for the last two years and have decided to stop. For the last 9 months I’ve noticed my immune system is completely ineffective, I’m sick all the time. Little normal cold viruses affect me for weeks. I’m tired up side effects, sore muscles and constant sickness. My doctor suggested I switch to even stronger ms drugs like Tysabri and Kesimpta, but from what I understand they are even harsher on your immune system. How many of you don’t take a DMT and are happier for it?

@Mfisher83 I would probably support the going onto a better DMT choice. Avonex isn't very effective and probably isn't helping. I started on that and moved on fingolimod after three months. All the drugs that are available for MS have serious side effects. Your choice, don't take any DMT with the possibility of getting worse but still having to cope with the symptoms, or find a drug that slows your MS progression and allows you to deal with the other symptoms. Check out YouTube - Dr Aaron Boster - he is an American neurologist and has lots of videos dealing with MS.


Hi have Relapsing MS was having Natalizumab infusions for two years but have recently been on self injection ofatumumab given every month and so far no side effects touch wood :)