Hi everyone, I’ve had RRMS for over 20 years. I was diagnosed during a time when Australian TV was flooded with commercials of young women with MS in wheelchairs. So, when I was diagnosed naturally I assumed this was what my future held. Thankfully, I had a tribe of supporters who would not allow me to give up. Twenty years later after trying almost every drug offered, Lemtrada was my chosen poison until COVID hit and my neurologist didn’t want to risk … well potential death (obviously this was not a risk I was prepared to take). So, Ocrevus was my new best friend. Can’t say I enjoy hanging out at the Oncology ward every 6 months, but Netflix is my saving grace. Fitness has been an ongoing focus for me so that my strength and mobility can be maintained. Having weakness in both my left and right limbs - I found pilates to be the best type of exercise for me. So, I became a clinical pilates instructor where my focus now is to help others with MS to improve their strength, balance, mobility and overall health and wellbeing. Yes, I’ve had many attacks effecting my mobility, strength, eyesight, memory, ability to focus and so much more. Let’s not forget the fatigue. However, I will not let this disease break me. Overcoming the daily ignorance has been challenging, but it’s not my fault they don’t get it. I have a small clinical studio at home and would love to work with anyone who is interested. Send me a message. #mswarriors