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Coming full circle

Hi everyone hope you are all keeping well anyway I have a story to tell you that may I hope give some people here a bit of hope. Anyway here it goes. As you may or may not know I was diagnosed back in November but a year prior to that I was constantly doing overtime because I wanted to achieve a dream of mine and that was to travel to Dallas to see WrestleMania live in 2016. Things were going well for it and I was so excited but then in December 2015 I started experiencing symptoms of MS. I brushed these symptoms off for a long time and I got through Dallas and had a blast but in Dallas I was an absolute wreck. I was exhausted, limping everywhere, had no use of my left hand, had no feeling down the left side of my body and just downright miserable and think deep down I knew the trip never went well which is why I wanted to do Orlando the next year. Unfortunately after getting diagnosed with MS I got put forward for Lemtrada and the treatment clashed with the trip so I had to cancel it which still irritates me to this day. So anyway after 2 rounds of Lemtrada; no new lesions appearing or relapses; all my blood work looking fine and spending the better part of 3 years coming to terms with MS and getting control of my depression and anxiety; I decided that it was time to make up for it all and I'm happy to say that this year I managed to go to New York and attend WrestleMania. I honestly had one of the best weeks ever and even though after 2 weeks off from coming home, I'm still absolutely exchausted from it all. I know I still have a constant battel with MS and I still have a long way to go when it comes to Lemtrada but I genuinely feel this has been in the end of one journey and a whole new journey has begun.



@marcyg921 , I wish you continued good health and well done for managing the pilgrimage to Wrestlemania.



marcyg921 very uplifting story for a Friday. A number of things here, I lived in the States for 7+ years and visited 32 States, a lot of time spent in Dallas but New York was my assemble plants location, so I know how exciting these places are and am happy you got to see them. After much thought and indeed reading the post on this site, I have made an appointment with my MS nurse to book a time when I too will go on Lemtrada, I feel this may be the right time, we will see. Wrestlemania, well I know little except my Son love the Ultimate Warrior and the rest , no doubt things have changed!! www.wholesorts.com is my monthly blog, have a read and I wish you good health for the future



What a super story. Nothing better illustrates the power of ambition and positive thinking. Long may you continue to attend Wrestlemanias! Best, Dom



I booked a holiday abroad me and the kids before I was diagnosed, i only found out late last year but booked it March 2018, we went Mach 2019 just me and the kids I'm glad I booked before I knew and before my relapse otherwise I wouldn't have gone. It did wonders for my wellbeing, I'm always rushing about doing school runs work, chores, appointments by myself. It was nice to do none of that and get looked after. Well it was all inclusive so no cooking or cleaning!! We are going away again and I can't wait. It's a very inspiring story hope you get to do more travelling, I've always wanted to go to new work as well!!



We should never stop making plans, we may have to delay them or tweak them a bit, but we should never stop. Just back from a couple of days with friends, 4 trains, 2 changes each way, but Train staff were brilliant, you can book help, it's free, ramps were available at all stations, they had my name at all stations, unasked, they said they would ring ahead to make sure that help and ramp was always available, and cos I have to plan trips in advance, tickets were cheap cos I bought them a few weeks ago and chose the cheaper journeys. We should never let our ms stop us doing 'normal' things, yes, I'm knack...., but the memory of those couple of days will keep me going and I've still got Easter Eggs to look forward toπŸ‘πŸ€žπŸ˜œ



Great to hear. Personally met at @grandma and she is amazingly positive. Just got back from a reunion in Madrid with some friends who have not seen me since my diagnosis and a couple who had not seen me since pre Gilenya treatment and it was awesome. A great part of it was being able to do stuff (even though I’m now knackered) that pre Gilenya would have been very difficult. Go us for sticking with it. MS does change things but it is still possible for us to do things. Carpe Diem comrades