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Clemastine - Can you get it?

Lots of articles on Twitter about the encouraging re-myelinating properties of the supposedly 'over-the-counter' older antihistamine, Clemastine. For example: https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/news-posts/2023/06/16/mri-analysis-ms-rebuild-data-shows-myelin-repair-clemastine/ However, here in the UK, this over-the-counter drug is not available. A friend in the NHS told me it was recalled several years ago with no explanation, and although it technically is still an over-the-counter medication, as there is no supply, it isn't available. One could almost become suspicious of pharmaceutical companies that stand to make significantly more from DMTs than an old antihistamine. Personally, I would read the study and copy the trial dose that achieved such encouraging results rather than wait 10 years for the medical profession to make up its mind - time is brain after all. So two (three?) questions: 1) can you get clematine over the counter, and if so, where? 2) would you take it if you could get it?

Clemastine interesting article. It was possibly removed from sale here in the UK due to its side effect of drowsiness. I would certainly give it a go as I am already on metformin and take daily antihistamines (cetirizine). Anything that may help repair myelin and give us some hope 👍


HI and thanks. Yes. me too - hopefully we can be pointed towards something similar.