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Fatigue and mental health

Anyone found anything that helps with the fatigue? Been struggling in this relapse since June and has hugely impacted my life. They found lesions on my brain and optic nerve 'suspicious of MS' but at least an 18 week waiting list to see neurologist to confirm and discuss options. So because its undiagnosed I feel like Im not getting much support from GP to help manage these symptoms. Suffering with depression as a result. Gone from climbing and running marathons to struggling to shower or walk around a supermarket. 6 years of being in limbo and I'm just not sure how much more I can take of this. Ive had enough and dont have the energy to fight anymore. Tricky to stay positive when it doesnt feel like there is any hope in sight.

Wow, I feel really bad for you. I was recently diagnosed after three months of symptoms and tests and I already thought it was taking too long. I’m sorry. For fatigue, I don’t have any helpful advice except don’t fight it. That makes it so much worse for me. Whenever I start to feel tired, I try to get 10 hours of sleep at night. Warm regards, Romy


Hi when i went gluten free it really helped with fatigue also having small meals through out day instead of one large meal