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Lemtrada and marijuana

Hi All, I finished receiving R2 of Lemtrada this past Wednesday. (Of note, I had R1 in 2017, got pregnant, delivered healthy baby 2019, and had new activity as of Summer 2022, hence the non traditional time frame.) Is it safe to smoke marijuana at this point? Would edibles be better? I have my medical marijuana card and would love to have it to help ease the aches, pains and discomfort. Anyone have any experience w this or know of any interactions I should be aware of? (Yes, I’ll will ask my doctor as well :) Thanks so much.

No Idea on the answer 😊 but logically I guess edibles would be better but anyway just to say 101 out of ten for the Lady Day reference in your username (Lady Day been my default 'go to' in times of MS i find).


Yes it helps me so much I feel apart of life I clean small areas at a time but with it U clean,cook and laundry. Weeds helps me immensely try it with no fear it will help hope my answer helped you are not alone