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Zero energy and depression

Hey everyone I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and didn't really have many problems until the past few years. Right now the depression and absolutely zero energy is driving me nuts. When I tell my doctor they say it's probably just low vitamin d levels and send me on my way. I have tried everything to give me energy from coffee to energy drinks and nothing and the depression is starting to take over my life. Anyone have any suggestions? None of my family or friends have MS and don't understand they just think I'm lazy so I don't even have anyone to talk to about it except my husband and he tries to be there for me but he really don't understand.

As it goes more cold and dark here in the UK my seasonal depression begins to creep in. I know it's tough and has a massive impact on energy levels. I don't know how badly affected you mobility is but doing anything that involves some movement outside often helps. Just the bodies way of releasing those feel good chemicals.


Are you currently prescribed any anti-depressants at all? I got depression before the diagnosis of MS, where subsequently a MRI revealed some lesions in the emotional part of my brain- so it may have been linked. I found that the antidepressants and a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, really helped me get out of the dark place. It is extremely frustrating to have zero energy. Fatigue is my biggest enemy. However if I go out for even a little bit- such as a walk around your garden (if you have one) can help and releases some positive chemicals in your brain. There's also a little sense of achievement, at something you've managed to do.