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Not diagnosed yet.

I do apologise if this is not the right place. I dont have a diagnosis yet, but my GP strongly suspects MS. I've had a normal brain scan, nerve conduction studies seemed OK but the doctor said the issue seems to be coming from the spine. I'm not entirely sure how he could tell that. I've had MRI spine last week but I won't get any results until end of Sept when I see the neuro. I dont know if it is in my head but the symptoms are getting worse fairly quickly. It started off with numbness and tingling in my feet, then I started having issues with proprioception (nearly crashed the car twice because I had no idea where my legs were), then I started with altered sensation in my legs (almost like wearing a sock but I'm not wearing a sock, also water running down my leg). This week I have started having cramps and spasms in my calf and I'm tripping over constantly. I am fairly clumsy but this seems extreme, even for me. Is it possible for MS to decline so rapidly? From what I have read it can be slowly. I've gone from no issues with my legs to the symptoms above in about 4 months. I am worried about reaching out to the GP again, I am worried that the anxiety is just making it worse and there is actually nothing wrong with me.

It would be very unusual for MS to decline so quickly. The likelihood is you're in a relapse - this can last for months. You might get steroids when you see the neurologist if MS is confirmed (maybe - sometimes these can shorten the symptoms but they don't change the ultimate outcome so some neuros don't give them). Stress can definitely make your symptoms worse particularly the numbness and tingling. I hope there is nothing wrong with you, and it is just anxiety!!


I am hoping for it to be anxiety too. I noticed the pain in the back of my leg over 2 years ago but it stayed the same since then. The doctor said it was a muscle strain and it would get better. I only mentioned it as I was in hospital and had a raised d-dimer so I was worried it was a blood clot but it was checked out and it was fine. Fast forward from Aug 2021 to April 2023. The pain is now unbearable. Its a sciatic type of pain, a burning in the back of my leg and now I'm having the other issues. I was think a disc problem but I don't really have back pain and my range of movement is ok with my back. I just hope what ever it is, is fixable because I miss driving.