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Telling people

I was feeling very nervous about telling my team at work about my MS. I'd told my boss (who was nothing but understanding and supportive and is a friend) as I was going through the diagnosis process - but for some reason telling the team that report into me was harder. Possibly because we are a new team, and there are some performance issues I'm managing, so I wasn't sure I'd have their support. In the end I decided to be honest about why I'm taking the next three weeks off of work*. It felt better to be honest rather than making up a cover story - or leaving them speculating as to what un specified "medical procedure" I was going through. They have all been very supportive - without making undue fuss - and have just given me a colouring book and Netflix card for my time in hospital (together with a very sweet card). I'm glad I've trusted them and I just wanted to share. Coming out of the MS closet feels hard - because of the "worst case course" assumptions made about the disease course and its possible implications. It was these exact same assumptions that made the diagnosis so scary - and it was finding people on this forum who were bravely putting their own smiling faces to their diagnosis, cracking on with very full lives, having children and running marathons that helped me get over this and accept the diagnosis. I'm hoping to try and be braver about leaving the closest now - and in telling people about my diagnosis hope to join the army of those who are already raising awareness of the disease - and taking away some of the fear. #payitforward * for my lemtrada - I may work from home in the two weeks for recovery depending on how I feel but definitely wan to avoid the commute initially xx

Well done for telling them. It sounds like it's been a positive move. I'm debating the same thing but can't decide what to do. I work in a big team and only my boss and a couple of friends know. I think, like you, if I was offered Lem I might have to tell them to avoid speculation about why I was off. But that's for another day. It's good to hear positive stories, so thank you, and best of luck with the Lem xx


really @katy79 hats off for making such an amazing step. Im sure that now you breath easily and are not so tense anymore because you left the closet. A also admire and support your team for accepting your issue. Wish that all people would be like them and you. Then the world would surely be a better place. Oh and all the best with Lemtrada.