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Relapse when Ocrevus treatment in 3 weeks - can I have steroids?

I’m stressing. I’ve had RRMS for 10 years. Both MS nurses resigned recently at my hospital. My Ocrevus treatment was never scheduled, luckily I rang to find out what was happening, so I’m a month late having the infusion. Now a relapse… Does anyone know if I should even consider steroids it being so close to treatment? Thank you

I am guessing that there is no adverse reaction between steroids and Ocrevus, because steroids are given intravenously before each infusion of Ocrevus. Steroids can aid in recovery from an MS attack. If you suspect a relapse, can you contact your MS nurse? Hope you can get some help/advice. 🤞


I'd always consider steroids if I have a relapse. I guess my neurologist wouldn't even let me leave without a least suggesting them (after checking for contraindications, of course).