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Newly diagnosed and anxiety

Hi Everyone, I'm newly diagnosed with RRMS (end of June). I'm really struggling with anxiety every day at the moment. I've had a lot of stress in my life for quite a while so I'm trying to de-stress as I know this won't be helping my MS at all. But I guess it's just getting my head around it all and because it's quite an unknown thing as to how it will progress. I'm struggling more because I'm on my own I think. I am a single Mum, my son Alex is 12. My Mum had SPMS and she passed away nearly 17 years ago now, and i lost my Dad 6 years ago, I've got no siblings either. I've got a few core friends who are great. But no one who really knows how I feel or who seems to want to understand. I think it's the lack of support that's getting to me. I know I can ask friends for help but I'm finding it hard to explain and talk about how I'm feeling. Getting the diagnosis has knocked me for six. I'm just pretty overwhelmed at the moment, and can't seem to relax or keep myself calm at times. I'd rather try natural routes to deal with this as I'm sensitive to meds. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas that I can use to help me with my anxiety over all of this?? I'm currently having counselling (I was having this before I was diagnosed anyway) and I've started to do meditation everyday. I just find it really hard to focus to bring myself back down from that high anxiety level. Have any of you suffered like this when you were newly diagnosed?? Any suggestions of things I could try?? I desperately want to reduce my anxiety and stress!! Thanks!