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Balance Rehab

Hi Everyone I’m looking for some help/knowledge from anyone anywhere in the world really....I have recently been diagnosed with RRMS after being misdiagnosed for a couple of years as having an inner ear disorder because my symptoms mimic one. I have balance issues and minimal double vision when focusing in the distance as apparantkey I have a lesion in my balance nerve. On 20th November I was treated with lemtrada which knocked me for six but the last week or so I am starting to feel more like myself...however my balance is just not improving back to where it was an it is making me a virtual recluse...embarrassed to go out...I think I need extensive and daily balance rehab (whic I’m happy to pay for) but I don’t know where to start....my daughter gets married in June and I want to be confident attending and not worried about my balance....can anyone help with suggestions on where I could go that would specialise in balance retraining. Thank you xx