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I was told my whole life I had vertigo. Benign proximal positional vertigo. My aunt has it so I figured they were right however treatments only made it worse. I used to cry remembering what my life was like before dizziness was a constant problem. I can’t remember anything about school or college without It being involved. Not being able to go on rides or roller coasters. Not being able to be in the heat for a long time even though I live in Florida. Even movie theaters bother me. It’s hard to get friends who understand why you can’t do it. They just don’t get it sometimes. Anyway, I saw a physical therapist who did balance treatment with me and it helped, but I slacked off. I was watching a movie last night and got up to get some water because I had a really bad headache. Next thing I knew I was falling to the ground and had to crawl to my medication bag. Sometimes I say to people I just wish I could have a normal life. But all I hear from others is no one’s life is normal. Then again do they know what it’s like to live with MS? Today’s my birthday. I feel like it’s hard to celebrate when I have to carry medication on me all the time for the last six years just in case because at some point I will need something during the day. Just needed to rant.