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To treat or not to treat? / Anyone on Aubargio?

I'm considering my options for going back on MS treatment after a recent relapse - apparently the neuros are likely to recommend it when they have my latest MRI results. Over the last 24 years I've been on Copaxone, Avonex and Plegridy, but nothing for the last few years. I've been lucky to have had a mild disease course so far. I am a healthy 50 year old without much evidence of MS from day to day. I wonder how foolhardy it would be to remain untreated... Thinking about the possible treatments, I don't much the idea of indefinite immunosuppression. (I'm not sure if this is completely rational or not.) Of all the therapies available, I think Cladribine sounds like it makes sense as it's time limited - although it may not be a fun couple of years. However, I wouldn't be eligible for that in Wales unless I were to have a relapse on a different drug. So I wondered about trying Aubargio in the meantime, as an immunomodulator rather than immunosuppressant. It seems to do quite well on prevention of disability and brain volume loss, which are surely the most important things. (And maybe I wouldn't need to 'escalate' if all went well...) It's not without side effects though. Any thoughts - particularly about Aubargio - would be very interesting!

I was on Aubagio. Now Kesimpta. I had no issues with it except my blood pressure used to go and down when I went to check my liver emyimes. The only pain in the backside is the washout if you need to change meds. Apart from that, everything was fine. Everyone is different though. Good luck with it


I moved from copaxone to aubagio. After 14 yrs on copaxone my body reacted to it. Been on aubagio for nearly 4 yrs. Just a tablet in the morning. My MS is fairly stable, I've not noticed a difference from copaxone. I didn't want to not be on anything as my relapses put me in hospital learning to walk again. I suffer numb feet more, I'm not sure if this is aubagio or just MS being MS.