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Worried about partners weight

Me and my partner have been together nearly 3 years. He has gained ALOT of weight in last 2 years. He eats really unhealthy, all fatty and sugary foods, and binge eats. All his Doctors and Nurses etc have told him losing weight will help his bladder and mobility. But he just keeps binging and gaining. He fell over last week and could not get up, and we could not gett him up as he weighs 22 stone. It also makes sex difficult. He struggles to get an erection and if he does there's so much fat that it makes sex impossible. I got with him knowing he has MS but I can't watch him slowly kill himself. What can I do?

Howdy @Jayel! If your S.O. is interested in getting healthier I would suggest semaglutide and intermittent fasting. If he's not, counselling might help. OTOH, no one would blame you if you presented him with an ultimatum. Best of luck, @Jayel. Remember to take care of you first.


He doesn't. He's clearly got issues when It comes to food. He gained 5 st within the first year, said he'd loose weight when he was to big to get on a rollercoaster (which he said he'd loose weight for) and has since gained another 2 stone. I too am a big person so know it can be difficult. I joined a weight loss club and hoped he'd come with. But nope. Thank you for replying x