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MethylPred, relapses and black moods...

Hi all. Ok, so I have a couple of questions and will also (prob) have a bit of a vent (because I am cranky as hell and disappointed to be back on steroids). So I am 27, have RRMS since Nov '11 (officially, though I am in denial still a bit - although that is challenged daily...) and have had now 4 relapses in 18 months and have now been on Tysabri 8 months. I have an (out of relapse) EDSS of 4.0. Which gives me the cranky pants because all the literature I read talked about how 50% of RRMS will have a EDSS <2 at 15-20years (or some similar pro positive statistic. ) and I am super envious of That group! Why can't I be there!!! This latest relapse is balance and coordination (again). Just wondering when it will all end as I am so over thinking I am on a roll of "time out, relax, move on with life" and I get hit again. So very disappointed! So my questions... How long does the methpred take to work with most people? It usually takes weeks with me but this time I feel better already (and only having dose #3 now). I AM happy about this, but also sad (if it hasn't worked, I could have denied MS being the problem). And one else had a trot of relapses (with deficit) then suddenly go relapse free and improve? Any ideas for what may help - I can feel myself sliding into a black hole of thought and a feeling pretty down. I am trying to stay positive, but find I hard. I really want to know what my future holds, but then if I read stuff on 'prognosis' it scares the crap out of me! And I wish I didn't! Feeling pretty deflated. Thanks, Jas