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I am ok!!!!

Sometimes we all just need time and space To adjust to whatever we have to face To step back, to stop, to readjust I have found, this for me, was a must My head was tangled, scared and sore Tbh I dreaded stepping out the door I sought help and advice, a little extra care A little gentle persuasion to get me there So on Monday coming Chris and I meet with the main man To get questions answered, come up with a plan I feel stronger, I know what I need to hear Because I now have strength, it's a little more clear I have to trust whatever they say But, they need to explain why that is the best way I need it to be clear in my head So I can put all these questions to bed There is no cure for my PPMS beast That fact frustrates me, to say the least I have to keep going, I know I do I am lucky I have so many people to help me through Over the last few weeks I haven't had a fever, a cold or a flu My head just didn't see a way to get through I cried, I was silent, I was scared, I was sad I needed time to readjust my mindset from all things bad I took time out, time for me to see I am only human, I needed time for me So, the meeting on Monday will confirm a plan That plan I will follow as best I can I dont know what exactly has made me see That I am ok, I am normal, I was not where I wanted to be It's like a switch has clicked in my head To refocus, readjust and listen to what is being said. I ramble, I know - but writing these really help me Writing these focuses my thoughts, so that I can see I will be ok, I am ok..... Now, you will be glad to hear, I have nothing else to say 😃😃😃 Xx

Excellent summary of feelings a lot of us have! Hope your day brings you joy.