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Hi! I just wanted to jump on here since I follow the shift.ms Instagram page and enjoy the content and engagement. I'm fairly new to MS. Symptoms started Christmas day 2021 whilst on shift at work. Initial thoughts were I'd slipped a disc in my spine. Fast forward to an mri showing a delightful lesion at T12 and a few other sneaky lesions in my brain. I work as a Radiographer, so seeing the scan was like a punch in the gut and it's taken me a really long time to process the diagnosis (still am if I'm honest). I started Ocre in Sept 2022 and aside from chronic fatigue and low immune system, so far, I seem to be OK. New symptoms have developed but my ms nurses have put things down to the stress of work and being a single mum. Anyway, I look forward to engaging with some of you and sharing thoughts, ideas, and support. Holly :)

Hi Holly .. I also thought ( hoped) that my problems were caused by a spinal issue but unfortunately when I had my first neuro examination there were issues with my arm as well and I knew it wasn’t good. I’m still processing my diagnosis last year. So impressed that you are still working. Good luck x