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The CBT practice variant which interest me the most is mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). Why? Because I know from personal experience that it works. In our first course we were tasked with developing a safe and effective use of self (SASE) program and I chose to research mindfulness-based stress reduction and develop a practice. I then used MBSR for six weeks and monitored its effect on my anxiety and even on my physical multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms. To my surprise, my physical MS symptoms improved slightly while my anxiety levels plummeted. My personal findings were corroborated by a study out of Iran, which found that MBSR is effective is reducing MS symptoms, thereby reducing stress and anxiety (Kolakaj, Zargar. 2015).

it is quite expensive to access this in the uk and it doesn’t help if you struggle with concentration & cog issues due to fatigue but thank you for sharing you experience & expertise in this area is always appreciated. Ps there is a great resource that you might find helpful on some level it’s myselfhelp.co.uk it’s completely free to access and has great exercises and worksheets for lots of health & mood related issues. Hope your feeling better - take care of you and yours 👍✊🤞💪🍀😊