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Nobody speak about the Coimbra Protocol?

Hi everyone, I saw on facebook forums that so many people taking Vitamin D in very high doses (i.e. in accordance to the Coimbra Protocol, and supervised by a doctor) are able to stay in long-term remissions and reverse pre-existing symptoms which appeared in the last 12 months before starting the protocol. There exists literally hundreds of amazing testimonies on these forums of people who completely reversed the course of their disease (i.e. completely halted the progression), and these claims are backed up by certified neurologists and doctors practising in the medical field. This is to the extent that in Brazil, people with autoimmune diseases literally regard the Doctor Coimbra as a national/worldwide hero (i.e. by the way, there exists many other doctors, in Europe and in the US as well, recommending this particular protocol). These testimonies are made by Americans, English, Brazilian, German, French, and plenty of other individuals coming from a wide spectrum of countries, so it is not just a "hype" in Brazil, even though the phenomenon seems to have a hard time penetrating Western countries, which are indeed remaining highly hermetic to the notion of high doses of Vitamin D. Note that in the Coimbra Protocol, the doses of Vitamin D are adjusted to each individual's own biological constitution, bu tend to range between 50,000 to 200,000 UI per day, which is indeed rather enormous. My question is why isn't there more studies being conducted on the potential of very high doses of vitamin D for PPMS and RRMS if results and testimonies (which are far more than just anecdotical) are in favour for the starting of controlled trials? Doctor Coimbra answers this question by saying that he does not want to conduct trials on people, as this would imply that half of participants would not benefits from the positive effects brought by Vitamin D, which according to him is unethical... One of the only widely mentioned study regarding Vitamin D that I found is a recent study conducted by the University of Cambridge, which showed that Vitamin D (i.e. only 10,000 UI per day) is significantly contributing into the remyelinisation of synapses and further reduce by a high margin the rates of relapses in RRMS patients. Why isn't there more attention being given by individuals and pharmaceutical groups into Vitamin D then? I really wonder... Should I buy into conspirastionist theories, suggesting that big pharmaceutical groups or so-called charities that are financially backed-up by them have no financial interests into conducting studies linked to a natural product that cannot be patented? Maybe... In either cases, every time someone is being diagnosed with MS, it seems that DMDs are the only way foward... Yet, when I go on Facebook forums where people take conventional DMDs, they tend to report lots of side effects, and sometime barely any improvements (i.e. it is true that many benefit as well, but rarely without any significant side effects). I know that MS is a multifaceted disease, as we cannot really understand yet what triggers it, but it seems that a lots of people touched by this disease are profoundly deficient in Vitamin D, which has a lot of immunological functions, as suggested by the medical literature (i.e. the immune system is literally entangled to Vitamin D). Vitamin is safe in extremely high dose if the recipient is supervised by a well-trained medical practitioner and if calcium levels in the blood are well monitored (since very high levels of Vitamin D + calcium can lead to the calcification of certain organs such as the kidneys). Anyway, I know that there are already some discussions existing about Vitamin D, but I don't see much people (i.e. apart on these Facebook groups) that yet raise much the flag, which is why I would like to do it in order to have a discussion with as much points of view as possible. Also, if anybody here is on it, I would be interested in knowing what your experience is with it :) For the note, I am not diagnosed, but had a history of neurological symptoms, which lead me to make extensive research on MS and other autoimmune diseases. I was first expose like most of people in my situation to the existence and potential of DMDs, then to HSCT, and then diets and Vitamin D in high doses. With all the knowledge that I have so far gathered, Vitamin D is definitively taking the first position on the podium. F

@frankenstein , that's an interesting protocol that you have brought to our attention. I believe that the reason this wouldn't get better press is that the western world is driven by capitalism. One frustrating aspect of this is the compensation culture. The medical profession seems loathe to stray away from the boundaries of what has been approved, based on the evidence of clinical trials. Who can blame them, if they suggest a treatment option, which doesn't work? It leaves them wide open to financial ruin at the hands of unscrupulous lawyers. The whole structure of what can be offered is driven by the "approved" treatments, which are backed by years of clinical trial evidence. And the only way that these years or research can be financed is via the big pharmaceuticals. It is all driven by profit. It's money that makes the world go round, which is a sad fact of life today. :(


Hello Frankenstein, I'm sorry not to be able to give a better account! I can only say that 100.000 ui is my weekly dose of vit. D but it's only a month since I've started taking it. However I can say that I absolutely and completely agree with Mr. Stumbler. Teresa