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Newly wed Tecfidera

Hi everyone, Thank you for the lovely and useful comments you left on my post two months ago (“Newly diagnosed teacher”). I apologise for not responding - I wasn’t sure if there was a function for directly replying to comments - and I was also busy with many things, including moving house and my own wedding. I was diagnosed with MS earlier this year, but it wasn’t confirmed until June and then in July, I was finally told I have RRMS. Subsequently, I was given a few treatment options. I started taking Tecfidera a fortnight ago, the day after I got married. I was warned about gastro symptoms, but thankfully, I’ve had none so far. However, I have noticed a massive dip in my mood; I’m a newly-wed, yet I am struggling to feel cheerful and energetic. I’m constantly thinking about meal times as I was told to take Tecfidera twice a day with food. And also the MS now just feels a lot more real. I hadn’t really felt upset before, as I wasn’t on medication and I was busy teaching during term-time. I am in my early twenties and now living in a new area, as a newly-wed, getting ready to work at a new school, on new medication, with a new set of emotions. Anyone have any tips? I absolutely love Shift MS and I am so happy and grateful to have found it. (Also- if anyone knows how I can respond to comments, let me know, so I can thank everyone on my previous post) Many thanks, Fraction

I haven’t yet started Tec as waiting until I come back from holiday next month incase I have any side effects but I’ve noticed a dip in my mood of recent. Not felt like this before and really not like me as I’m normally bubbly and upbeat. Just been crying for no reason and feeling generally down and fed up. I wonder if it’s reality hitting me or perhaps something to do with the MS. Not sure if Tec affects your mood but other users on here will be able to tell you more. Hope you feel more like yourself soon x


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