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Hello everyone I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and only discovered in Oct 2017 that I should have informed the DVLA of my diagnosis. Anyway I dually contacted them and underwent the medical assessment (if you can call it that), anyway I have now received a letter from the DVLA informing me that the law requires that my driving license is subject to medical review every 3 years. I believed this to be a discriminatory decision based on my MS diagnosis and not on my actual physical condition. I hold down a full time job which requires me to drive a 40 mile round trip per day, walk up and down 3 flights of step multiple times a day (80 steps per journey) and function at a high cognitive level as I am a data analysis. In addition to this I regularly attend yoga and walk at the weekends, none of these aspects of my life were discussed during my medical assessment. I am well aware that should my condition deteriorate then I am legally obliged to inform them and I would or I am sure my doctor would. Being in Scotland I only have a 21 day window to appeal, but I was wondering what other peoples experience have been regarding disclosing their condition to the DVLA and their subsequent medical. Is it the case that all those diagnosed with the disease are automatically placed on the 3 year medical review license